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Feb 11, 2009
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Hello all,

I'm now into my 3rd wine kit. I have been reading lots and lots of your posts and have learned so much. Thanks to everyone for the knowledge imparted here.

I do have a question though that I haven't seen addressed here. I had a DVD that came with my first wine kit that said if you don't want to top up your wine after you degassed it, that you could use a product called "Private Preserve". This puts a layer of inert gases on top of your wine so it doesn't allow oxygen spoilage. Has anyone ever heard of this and if so, does it work? This would be a great way to not have to top up with other wine, water, or marbles.
See, if you hadn't degassed, you would have had a layer of inert gases on top of your wine already! :p *kidding*

But in all seriousness, I would think the inert gas (even if completely insoluble with wine) would eventually dissipate as time went by - especially if you unseal it to steal a taste now and then. I just feel a sense of comfort in seeing the wine level half-way up the skinny part of the carboy neck. Perhaps it's old fashioned, but it's just so simple to top it up when needed with some other wine. If you have wine left over from the bottle you used to top it with, drink it! Simple is good :D
These inert gases work well but like said above if the level is low and you open up your carboy then you are again exposing your wine to air. They wont depleat really in there IMO but if you open it then you will need to again use more inert gas.
Plus a dark ruby red wine filled to the neck is probably more visible than an inert gas. It's easier to know when your wine topping your wine is still there than knowing if your inert gas topping your wine is still there. Hence my comfort factor, and comfort is good.
If you need to protect your wine for a short period because you don't have topping wine available or appropriate sized containers ready, the inert gas cans would probably be a great idea. But I agree with the other posters that keeping your wine topped to the neck of the carboy is more of a sure thing and easier to control.
I agree with everyone that it is alot better to have your wine topped off instead of using the inert gas. I did not like adding wine to top off so I bought a 5gal carboy (I wanted to keep the economy humming along:D) to use on my second racking and if I have any wine left over I put it in a 1.5litre or 3litre jug with an airlock.