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Oct 18, 2009
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I am new to home wine making and have started my first 6 gallon batch this month. I had purchased a six gallon plastic bucket of italian juice and I am using a five gallon glass carboy for primary fermentaion. My question is can I use the six gallon bucket the juice comes in as the primary fermentation vessel? Is there an airlock that I can buy that maybe screws on the spout after you remove the cap? That way I would not have to remove the juice from the six gallon bucket it comes in.

Yes use the bucket, just cover it with the lid loose It you have a regular airlock the goes into a drilled plug, you can drill a hole 7/16 and push it in 3/8 will work too
I drill a 1" hole and use the rugger bungs designed for 1 gallon jugs but dont try fermenting 6 gallon batches in a 6 or 6 1/2 gallon fermenter as you are asking for a big mess. You dont have to use a airlock in primary fermentation and actually its recommended not to to let more 02 in for your yeast to form a better colony but if you have young kids are animals that can get at this then use the airlock method. I have been using an airlock during primary fermentation since I began many many years ago and as long as your only doing a 6 gallon batch or less and stir it up really good in the beginning and once fermentation starts give it a good stir every other day it works just fine as Ive never had a problem this way finishing dry.
I don't buy juice buckets..( not in the USA)

Unless your juice has fermented down in an unrefrigerated truck, before you collected it.

you need a larger container for initial fermentation.

I make fruit wines.. and they need a lot more space for primary fermentation.


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