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Oct 20, 2016
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Newbie to wine making..

Just found this forum.. Love reading the different threads

This is my third batch.. I am using half of a 1 gallon Vinters Blackberry base to make 3 gallons of wine which I was going to put into 3 1 gallon jugs

Used starsan to sanitize everything let air-dry followed directions on side of bottle

SG 1.075 temp @ 70-75°

Used lalvin kv-1116 but added directly without heated water as per instructions on the back of package

No carbon dioxide was being released through the airlock so I used another KV - 1116 but this time heated the water to 105 degrees stirred and added to must

I also only have 3 gallons in a 6 gallon plastic primary fermenter with lid and airlock

My question being that did i ruin it by adding the initial yeast without rehydrating first and/or is it bad to have only 3 gallons in a 6 gallon fermenter is so much airspace.. I am getting no carbon dioxide through airlock this is the fourth day??
Could be as simple as a leaky bucket lid and the CO2 has just found an easier way to get out instead of through the air lock. After 4 days, you be able to see a active fermentation going on. Check your SG again...one gallon of base, it may already be done.
SG 1.050 and fizzing

Good sign...seems slow tho

Gently stirred it

My 5gal plastic primary fermenter does not have a rubber ring on lid to help seal like my 6gal does..

Thinking u may be right..might not be airtight..leaking or there is just so much headspace does not build up enough pressure to escape airlock

Thanks for the reply!!

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