Post harvest downy mildew control question

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Jun 13, 2017
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I've noticed some cane damage or sensitive varietals from insufficient control of downy mildew as I've pruned through the vineyard this spring. I had thought the last captan spray would do the job but apparently not enough for the extended warmth we had last fall.

I'm figuring this fall I'll do a final spray through the vineyard post harvest with a tank mix of mancozeb and phosphorous acid. This should both attach any currently growing downy mildew and also protect against future infestation. What do others do and when? Thanks.
If you are in the East last year was a terrible year for Downy. If you haven't used your full dose of Manzate for teh year by then I guess it would be effective. You could also do a another post harvest Captan spray...
That would explain what I'm seeing them. Here in Indiana, it was an unusually warm October without the usual first frost that knocks the leaves off. The canes looked healthy and hardened for winter at the time. I'll certainly be saving a full spray of mancozeb back for October this year.

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