downy mildew

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  1. jgmillr1

    Post harvest downy mildew control question

    I've noticed some cane damage or sensitive varietals from insufficient control of downy mildew as I've pruned through the vineyard this spring. I had thought the last captan spray would do the job but apparently not enough for the extended warmth we had last fall. I'm figuring this fall I'll do...
  2. jgmillr1

    Tank mix phosphorous acid + JMS Stylet Oil?

    I'm planning out my spray schedule this year and am looking for a 0 PHI solution for PM and DM, so I can control these diseases throughout the harvest season. Looks individually the 0.5% phosphorous acid (Rampart) sprays are good for DM and 1% JMS stylet oil is good for PM but is there risk of...