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Oct 28, 2021
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Hey guys, I am not new to wine and have made some Chardonnay in school but this is my first time doing it on my own. I am making a white cold climate varietal wine. I had trouble finding the proper yeast nutrients I wanted and ended up with a Urea and DAP mix. I could only get it and add it in about a week into fermentation. I am just over two weeks in now and I seem to be stuck at 6 degrees/brix. I am aware that the alcohol will screw with my refractometer will be off because of the alcohol so I was waiting for it to be at 0 or negative brix however its been a couple days and the brix hasn't dropped. I am trying to decide if I put in a yeast energizer...if there's any yeast left to feed. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
if using a refractometer 6 brix may be done. check with a hydrometer, I think the wine is finished. it will never read 0 or minus with the refractometer. I have used one for years on my fermentation and am aware when it is compete
Okay, I'll check it with a hydrometer. I was wondering if it has stayed there if it was done but wanted to be sure. I may have gotten the 0 or minus mixed up with the hydrometer. Too much on my mind. Thanks Salcoco!!
What was the original SG/brix, and what yeast did you use?

If the SG is 0.998 or lower and remains constant for at least 3 days, we assume fermentation is complete. If the SG is above that, it's probably not. The determination is affected by the OG and the yeast used.
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Definitely, use a hydrometer. A light refractometer really only works prior to fermentation. There are calculations that you can make for using a refractometer after fermentation has bgun, but trust me, using a simple $10 hydrometer will make your life much more easier.

If you find that you are at 0 brix, then let us know the type of yeast were you are using and your starting brix. Also let us know the temperature of your wine.