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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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Hi there,

I frequently listen to Winemaking Radio on the internet and stumbled acros another
podcast which looked interesting to me.
But I can not get the links to work , or the shows to download.........

Anybody out here who has a good working link to the:
Cellar Dwellers Home winemaking shows.

Sounds like fun and puts my MP3 player to some use again on my way
to work :p

I just tried again and the Cellar Dwellers podcasts are online again.
I guess it was a matter of server disturbance.
However the first 4 or so shows are missing. Nevertheless I am going to give it a try.

Anybody that might be interested in some MP3 shows (for listening online or downloading to your computer or MP3 player) here is the link: www.podcastdirectory.com/podcasts/15666
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