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Feb 27, 2009
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I started a batch of plum wine using Wades recipie except for I only had 24 lbs of plums. I had 6 lbs of concord grapes in the freezer so I threw them in. My SG got up to 1.100 so I diluted with water to bring it to 1.088. It is now a 7 gallon batch. Now for the question. I measured acid and got a reading of 6.8 with no acid additions. I have read that concord grapes are high in acid, is it possible 6 lbs added that much acid?
I mashed the grapes and depitted plums. Are the grape seeds fine in the must as long as they were not broken?
Luc removes the plum pulp after 2 days in the primary. What will happen if this is in longer?
It all epends on the type of Plum cause I didnt remove the [ulp for almost 7 days. I cant see 6 lbs raising the acid that high but anything is possible. Did you check the ph and TA of the grapes first cause maybe they werent ripe yet meaning that the acid is usually high. The seeds are fine as red grape wines always have seeds in the must.
I did not measure the TA or Ph of the grapes before adding them. the ph of the must is 4 according to the measuring strips.

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