Pleated water filter for removing yeast

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Sep 1, 2011
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Northern wisconsin
A month ago I filtered and sweetened my plum wine. The wine had cleared since September , anyway I used this filter. Any chance it actually removed any stray yeast? There isn’t any fermentation yet.
It's rated 0.35um absolute which should get rid of all yeast (and other microorganisms as well!) The challenge for home winemaking is sterilizing all the remaining parts of your filtering and storage (not to mention bottling) apparatus. At the winery where I work, everything downstream of the final sterile filter is steamed (including a steam hose connecting the filter to the destination tank), and all connections sprayed with 70% ethanol as they are made. We can do a pretty good job on the home winemaking scale by thoroughly sanitizing with, eg peroxycarb, but it won't remove all risk.

I'm also concerned that it's been a month since you filtered... I would ideally want to do my final pass filtration within a few days of bottling.
When I brewed beer I used filters all the time, what is did once used is back flowed the filter with higher pressure to force off a lot of the thing that it caught and then put it in a ziplock and put in the freezer. that way it never had a chance to get funky and about 70% of the junk was back flowed out.