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Jul 12, 2013
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Would anyone know how to open this crusher/destemmer in order to remove the basket to clean it and appreciate any tips on how and where to lubricate the machine. The machine does not come with instructions. I had to search quite a bit to find something. Instructions are non existent on how to open and maintain the machine however.


Tnuscan was kind enough to share this with, it really helped.

"What's also confusing me is that the grate that runs about 30 inches across the bottom and has nickel size holes every inch or so must help separate the grapes from the stems. Do grapes fall through the entire length of the grate or just below the rollers area, roughly 12"x12"?"

There is a bar/shaft that has angled paddles attached to it, as it turns it pushes the stems to the far end where they fall out. The hole in the screen/grate lets the grapes, some stem and juice pass thru which then falls into your stand or container below. Those two back black Knobs under the (bin supports) can be loosened, so that the end cover can be removed, to clean after use. The screen/grate that has the holes will have a flange on each side bent towards the base, there should be two nuts locking this in place. These two nuts can be removed and the entire screen/grate can be slid/pulled out . At the top edges of this screen/grate, it will be bent to hang into channels at the uppermost edge, this is what holds it in place, be careful when removing this screen/grate the holes can be very sharp and will/can cut you. After cleaning, slide screen into channels , pushing all the way back into base, replace nuts. Then replace end cap re-tighten knobs.

Best of luck

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