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Apr 15, 2007
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Here's the story. I'm 23, and in graduate school. My grandfather had a home brewing kit that he never used, and when he passed my father got it. He used it once when I was little, but now I have it. I started with a small Mr. Beer unit in my dorm room when I was an undergrad. I made some beer and very crude mead. I've also acquired a wine kit that I have used once. Everything I have made so far has been pretty good, but probably closer to a prison brew than a microbrew:D. Anyway considering that with school, family and work; my only vices are home brewing/winemaking and golf. I would love to have my own microbrewery in my retirement which is sometime from now. If anyone has any tips especially the ones you wish someone had told you when you started, or the ones you discovered on your own that everyone should know, send 'em my way.
Welcome to WINE making talk. Your post is more beer oriented than wine, so you may be in the wrong spot. However, one tip is to ask questions before you make a mistake. We're usually here to help.

Welcome!! I am not very experienced myself, but I have found alot of very useful information here. These people are very helpful. Thanks everyone!!!