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Jul 25, 2020
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after many years getting grapes under Delta packaging - Russian River,Mokelumne River, El Dorado, etc,...
my supplier decided not to sell any more, - many reasons - the main -as i knew them well - the home wine maker getting less and less every year - high prices, not worth their time - not to much money to be made, etc....
so here i am - going from $70-$95 a lug (CND) -to $50-$58 a lug - good price yes - but the quality not to par to Delta
i never had an issue spending extra on premium grapes - i like a good wine
so this year i was was cautious - scaled back a little to see - made a Merlot/Cab and Cab/Merlot -Left and Right Bank -
so far - well ... - i was spoiled under the Delta - wine is ok - but not a wow factor
- thoughts on the Pia label?