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Booty Juice

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Mar 10, 2018
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CA Central Coast
My wine bottles are simple – no capsules, no labels, just Sharpie markered. I usually write the vintage and varietal at bottling, then mostly the grand kids beauty them up with multi colored Sharpies. Gives them something to do. Plus, we’re El Dorado County country AF, is the main reason.

However, at a recent family throwdown my fancy (smarter than me) brother brought his wines with fancy wax capsules, which earned him all manner of grief and scorn from the dudes.

But the girls loved them. Like I said, smarter than me.

Not big, gooey, drippy – just a “tasteful” (evidently) top-dollop similar to this.


He claims they’re cheaper than standard capsules or seals, but factoring in the cost of electrickery and manhours – mark me as skeptical. Then it was “pointed out” to me that I don’t expend any “manhours", or even lift a finger on my bottles, the kids do that.

So now I’m ordering wax (many colors of course) and a melting pot.

Giving a two year old a taco is the exact same thing as throwing it on the floor. Giving 6 grand kids a 12-pack of multi colored Sharpie markers has a 50/50 chance of becoming an insurance claim.

This should be interesting.

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