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Jan 4, 2022
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The Poconos
I bottled my Peach Frutta yesterday and I was a little disappointed that it turned out quite yeasty. It will need a long aging I guess but the kit is not intended for a long aging so I'm not sure what happened. I followed the recipe except bumping up the OG to 1.110. I started the wine 04.23.2023.
Hmmm, mine is all peach. I am very happy with it! I did not add anything to mine, though. I started mine 2023.04.16. OG was 1.103 and FG (before wine conditioner/sweetener) was .992. I racked to two 3 gallon carboys, then a month later I racked it to one 5 gallon and bottled the remainder - we drank that extra stuff pretty quickly!

Was yours clear when you bottled it?
I bottled my Peach Fuzz Frutta yesterday. It has something a bit odd about it, and I agree it will probably need a bit longer than expected to reach excellent drinkablility. However, it is still good even freshly bottled. Fantastically rich mouthfeel.

OG 1.094, finished dry at .998. I let it settle 7 weeks before backsweetening to 1.010 - 1.5 pouches. Then I let it meld for about 5 weeks before bottling yesterday. Three months+ from fermenter to bottle - pretty quick compared to grape wine. I think it will dramatically improve over the next couple months, and I am looking forward to testing that theory :)

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