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Jun 12, 2009
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Anyone have any comments on these ones?

I saw them in Costco the other day and am considering trying one. I haven't tried a must kit yet.
I have heard they are a decent entry level kit wine.
The italian amarone looks good ..

they're not available in NZ though :( or I'd buy one too.

I have not made one of the Paklab 23 litre must kits, but I have made Spagnols Bolero and Vineco's Vinterra 23 litre kits. And I know others that have made the Paklab OPUS V kits. My feeling is that the OPUS V is a low end kit. The Bolero is equivalent to a low end 16 litre kit or high end 10 litre kit. The Vinterra is a med-high 6-week kit. We were very pleased with the Vinterra Merlot and Shiraz that we made, and got excellent responses from friends and acquaintances especially on the Shiraz.

BTW, you do know that these are not all juice, right?

BTW, you do know that these are not all juice, right?


I've made a few of the paklab kits with fairly good results.. The only thing I don't understand is why they make these 23L must kits.. I feel bad for the UPS guys that have to deliver these! The only difference I can see between the smaller kits and the 23L is that it costs more for you to let them dilute it.. I have been perfectly happy with the small kits I have done, and am glad I never pulled the trigger on the 23L must kits..
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Ahhh, but in Canada, you pick them up at your local Costco (well those that carry them anyway), you don't get them delivered.

23L Sauvignon Blanc

I have finished this one yesterday(final racking before bottling). Well - I do not know - anything else but Sa Bla I do know :po. Odd smell (though too young to judge), very thin. I do have Vineco KFS 18L Kit only 2 months old. Totally different smell, taste, color.
I guess I have got what I payed for. Costco 44 CAD vs KFS 117 CAD
Looks like candidate for boiling with sugar and cinnamon for nice cold winter day:s here in Calgary
23L Argentina Malbec

I have bottled this one a week ago. And honestly - I love it.
It should be mentioned I have put extra:
crushed grapes (the smallest I found in COOP) - about 2 kilos
black currants - crashed, about 1 and 1/2 kilo
oak cubes - 2 packs

Still in my first year of wine making - I'm glad this turned out to be good one as my expensive kits will get time to age.:db
PakLab kits (Costco in Canada)

I have tried these about 6 times over the past 5+ years with poor results each time; the odour should have tipped me off (not a wonderful bouquet). I have dumped all but one; after trying to let it sit in bottles from 6-12 months, still have that "weird smell". Will not waste time and money on them again. (In Manitoba can also buy them at Brewers Direct). Even the cheapest type of wine by the other suppliers (ie VineCo, WinExpert, etc) are way better.

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