Orange blossom honey mead.

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@Biggz, you can rack now, then top up with a light tasting white wine, and bulk age 3 months. Do your best to ignore it, other than checking the airlock weekly.

Patience, Grasshopper.
Thanks again for your help winemaker81 any recommendation on the white wine i should use? Might try some Skeeter Pee while i wait for this mead to get ready.
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Well it's been a while since i updated. The mead is real tasty and the gravity is also going down. I checked it yesterday and it down to 1.02something and it is really clearing up nice but i just racked it so messed with the murkiness. Thanks again to everyone for the help.IMG_20230103_140913407_HDR.jpg
Hello Everyone, I have giving a go at some Orange blossom honey mead on 11-8-22, I did not have any tools n such when i started but i seem to have everything now and I know i should have just waited till i got everything but i am new to this/older/disabled/and poorish=kids(lol) and did not know if i would even be able to purchase certain items living on a fixed income. So I do not have a starting gravity, Original gravity I am so sorry. I have the Hydrometer and everything i need now to make mead and wine in the future but the problem i am having is for the last 5 days i have checked the gravity and it still reads 1.050. I live in the mountains of Colorado and it has been cold here but my house is sat at 67 degrees and the room my mead is in is at 67-68. Is that too cold for the fermentation?

Also when i go to rack for the first time if it is not down to 1.020 or lower can i add more yeast or something to get it to go down more? The flavor is really good though that Orange blossom honey is really delicious!!! Thank you for all your help

1 gal glass carboy
3 lbs of Orange blossom honey
1/2 packet of Red Star Classique
1 tsp Nutrient
1 tsp Energizer

Thank you
You can estimate your OG if you want to do the math. A pound of honey will raise the gravity of water by approximately 0.035. You need a rough estimate of how much water you actually used.

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