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Jul 5, 2008
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I bought some lallemand DV10 yeasts. I don't have the original package and didn't ask the seller so I am not sure about the optimal temperature for its fermentation.

Lallemand website specifies the range of 10-35 celsius for the yeasts activity. Not the optimal temp...

Does anyone know what the optimap temp is? Will it make a bid difference to ferment at 26 celsius instead of a lower temp like 22 celsius?

By the way - I aired my stinking melon wine a week ago (as you suggested) and checked again today. The bad smell is gone, now it smells the way it should. Thanks!!!
I usually go by the temp range rather than the optimal temp because it is so difficult to get and keep a fermentation at the optimal temp. Some fermentations run hot and the ambient temp of the room where the wine is being fermented is a big factor. You could be a heat belt to wrap around your fermenter if the must temp is too cool or a cooling coil for when must temps get too hot. Glad the aeration helpd to disipate the sulfur odor. You should be ok now. It is very important to get any sulfur odor out as soon as you notice it, otherwise it can bind with the wine and all is lost.
The range they specify (10-35) is too wide to be helpful.
The temp in my basement (where I do all my "experiments") is almost fixed around 25-26 this time of the year. I can lower it to 22 degrees (for example) but I'm not sure it is worth the effort (costs, environmentally etc...).

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