oh no! did I ruin my wine

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Aug 2, 2009
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Ok, I tried to post already and not sure what happened but here goes again. I need to know if I ruined my wine. I didn't read my notes and forgot I already added campden and potassium sorbate. I just sweetend and added 1/4 tsp potassium sorbate and 1 campden to each gallon. the sg was below.990 and it was too dry for my taste. So I did the whole process for sweetning but forgot about stabilizing about a month ago before the wine had cleared. Is it ruined? Any advice it appreciated. Laurie
I know the extra campden will be fine as we never usually come close to the sulfite levels of commercial wines and we actually fall short most of the time of where we really should be with S02 levels. I highly dought the extra amount of sorbate will hurt either as some of the 3 gallon port kits come with the same amount for a 6 gallon wine and some of the other manufacturers actually dble that for their 3 gallon port kits due to the extra sweet wine. That would be dble what you just used.
Good to know. I hated the thought of loosing this wine. Last year these grapes made the most delish wine:) Laurie