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bucket chemist
Oct 1, 2016
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i normally bottle after at least three to five rankings so sediment isn’t that great but I’m a fussy prick and even a little residual smear down the side of a bottle would make me feel disappointed- hence the beauty of the nova twist - now I can stand them up and let any bottle sediment sit comfortably on the bottom. And, in the case of my fruit wines - a bit of chilling in the fridge helps to hold it there. However - this doesn’t stop me from thinking I should filter. and that is a nagging obsession causing me to keep checking all the filtration forums. But honestly, I just like to think of myself as an old medieval monk in the basement of an old monastery making the booze for the good folks upstairs. I have never disclosed this to my wife - thank god she doesn’t read this blog. Have a nice Friday folks.

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