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Dec 28, 2009
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This is from today's Post Gazette....

Post Gazette said:
Bacteria shuts beach at Edinboro Lake
Wednesday, July 21, 2010
The Associated Press
EDINBORO, Pa. -- A beach on an Erie County lake could be closed to swimmers for the rest of the summer due to high levels of E. coli bacteria.

Pat Crawford Beach on Edinboro Lake has been closed since July 1 due to high levels of the bacteria. County health officials say it's unlikely that bacteria levels will drop enough for the beach to reopen this summer.

Edinboro Borough Manager T.J. Jemetz believes goose feces and warm temperatures could be to blame for the high bacteria levels.

But a local scientist who has studied bacteria levels in the lake suspects sewer lines for nearby cottages could be to blame. Regional Science Consortium executive director Jerry Covert says another study is planned.

A smaller beach on the lake, Mike Ondo Beach, remains open.

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yeah I never did swim in there. Its been bad for a lot longer than they say. With run off from pastures and raw sewage that use to go in there from the summer cottages it just not a place to swim. Beautiful to look at and boat in though.
My folks used to have a house on the Susquehanna River when I was a tyke. Back then it was full of raw sewage and God only knows what else. Wasn't until the EPA started threatening sanctions that anything was done. Now it's better, but not good. Mostly ag run-off is the problem now.
We have a lake 1 minute away from us that is typically closed through the heat of summr due to bacteria. No farms or waste there just scum from being to stagnant I guess.

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