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Dec 5, 2018
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Hi, I've followed the instructions for a 30 bottle red wine kit after adding the wine stabiliser and finings A & B it says to leave for 7 days before syphoning into a second fermenter and stir and bottle. I'm day 6 in the leave alone period and the wine has escaped up into the airlock and around the bung. My questions are
a) did I not leave it long enough before adding the stabiliser?
b) is it just the CO2 escaping , and all is fine?
c) should I stir it now ?
e) shall I continue with the next stage syphoning ?
The hydrometer reading before fermentation was 1.090 currently its 1.009 the hydrometer nearly sunk .Hopefully someone will be able to advise me, thanks
Although it's highly recommended you follow the direction until you get a few batches under your belt they can be very confusing. I assume you fermented in a bucket and transfered to a carboy at 1.009. If this is the case the wine was still fermenting and the instructions should have said to leave it for a secondary amount of time. When and if you transfered the wine you added oxygen and it probably woke up the yeast a little. If the carboy was too full it just coming through the bung and airlock. So A is yes, B is probably, C is no and E just let is set until the hydrometer is consistant for 3 days before proceeding. Too ease your mind you are fine. These are simple little mistakes that shouldn't affect the finished wine.

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