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Sep 27, 2008
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Hi everyone, This is my first batch that I have tried to make and I'm not sure that I've done it correctly. This first is a 5 gallon batch of Muscadine Wine. I was following directions from a mix of websites online that seemed to be the same.

After the first fermentation, I mixed the instruction to rack off when the SG got to 1.040. It was in the primary fermenter for 6 days, being stirred and punched down 2times a day. However today when I went to transfer it, the SG is much lower than what the instructions had. Close to 1.005. I went ahead and put it in the carboy and put the airlock on, but have not topped up yet. There is very little bubbling from the airlock. The question is if everything should be ok or have I screwed up this batch and start processing another?

Thanks ahead of time.
Hi, kpsledge -

Welcome to the forum!

Your batch of wine is in excellent condition!

Certain phases of the wine making process offer much flexibility.

This phase is one of them.

The reason that you see very little airlock activity is that the wine's fermentation is almost, or, depending on your yeast, the temperature, ABV, eic., totally complete.

But, please don't hesitate to also start another batch post haste!

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Awesome! Thanks, Started to worry when I noticed that the airlock wasn't doing anything. So I should just wait on the settling for the next few months(racking off and topping up) and then bottle?

I would gladly start the second batch, but I only have one carboy and one bucket right now. Depending on how this batch goes I may get another for next year.
If you have very little happening in the carboy with the fermentation, ie., you are not seeing very many bubbles, then I would top off the wine now. The only reason not to top off when the wine is still fermenting somewhat vigorously in a carboy is that you don't want the wine to back up into the air lock. Measure your specific gravity, if it is below 1.000, somewhere in the range of .995 - .998 then fermentation is fairly complete and you can add your sulfite as well.

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