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Hi there,
I am making my first wine ever and I think I messed up big time.
during step 3 (stabilising and cleaning) I moved my wine to the carboy and then I went on vacation. While on vacation I realized I may have forgoten to do a very important thing which was to stir the wine during this time until the gas was out.
I came back from vacation and instead of stirring the wine with the sediment I moved it to the plastic container and amasingly enough I procedded to dump the sediment (another ginious move).
After giving my head a shake I started to stir my wine vigoursly using a power drill and the plastic (this work great by the way) I can stir nicely but I get gas avery time.
can I save this wine?
or have I outdone myself again?


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Dec 30, 2006
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Don't worry about it, it will be fine. Be sure to add K-meta every other racking.

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