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Jan 26, 2009
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I made two batches of wine .. one peach and one grape .. both from concentrate. The grape had a reading of less than 1.000 after 7 days when it was time to rack it to secondary fermination. It then bubbled some for about a day .. and then it stopped. Any ideas of why it finished ferminating so soon .. and what I should do now?

The peach seems to be OK.

Thanks much
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You will never do 2 batches ad have them ferment equally. There are just too many variables at hand that will cause a wine to ferment slower or faster.
Thanks for the response. I understand that two batches will be different. I didn't state my question very well. It seems like the grape wine finished fermenting in primary fermination .. I am thinking that because of a less than 1.000 reading. Now I don't know what to do next. I moved it to a secondary fermination and it released a little co2 for about a day and then stopped. I don't know how to tell if secondary fermination is working. What do I look for to know and if it has stopped, what can I do next.

Hey russ, you have to check your SG with a hydrometer. If your SG is less than .998 then it is probably finished fermenting, keep racking it every couple weeks until it is clear then you just have to bottle it. Just make sure when you rack it that you leave the sediment in the bottom of the old carboy. As far as the fast fermentation goes, that depends on alot of different factors,type of yeast, nutrients added, ect.
Your hydrometer is your winemaking tool, use it! Check a few days in a row to see if its stable or still fermenting. You dont want to go any further until your wine is stable.