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New in Michigan

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Oct 4, 2007
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I have 2 acres of gently sloping land in central-northern Michigan. After visiting the vineyards in Traverse City, I decided to take the plung and start my own vineyard. I have 3 years before I retire and that's when my first grapes should arrive. From what I've heard, I have buyers for all the grapes I can grow.

Wish me luck.

Wishing the best of luck with the vineyard!

I have also started a new business in Southeast Michigan selling grapes and grape juice for winemaking.

Check out the web site: http://www.MacombVintnerSupply.com

I've had a few customers ask about Michigan grown grapes and juice. I would be really cool if I could get some to sell. Does this sound like something that interests you? ...if so, drop me a line!

What varietals did you plant this year?

How is everything working out in the vineyard?

Where are you located? ...maybe I can drop by when up in that area.

No grapes to sell yet, in fact this first year has been a process of prepping my field (2.5 acres), and installing deer fences. The grapes won't ship until May 2009, then it will be 3 years before I can harvest my first crop.

I'm located in Rose City, so the grapes on order are all very hardy. They include 400 Marquette, 300 Frontenac, 300 Swenson Red, 220 Brianna, and 350 Cayuga White.

Have previously seen your website and thought about stopping by when I'm in the Detroit area. Stop by any time for a tour.

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