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Dec 24, 2008
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After a few years of brewing fabulous beers from kits, extract, and all grain recipes, my wife and I just started doing the wine kit thing. As wine drinkers we lean to the off-dry (Bourgeron Blanc) and semi-dry whites (Traminettes, Gewurztraminers) to the semi-sweet whites (white Chambourcin) in the grape world and apple and strawberry varieties in the fruit world.

We do not drink nor like any of the dry reds, but not for lack of trying. We have sampled and drank everything from Cabernets to Merlots to Pino Noirs all to no avail. We tried cheap wines, expensive wines and nothing trips our triggers.

We often have tasting parties for our friends where we trot out our newest beers and we try to have something for everyone. Now we want to expand that tradition to include homemade wines for our wine drinking friends.

Can you folks suggest a red wine kit that would be a good addition and seems to be a general favorite for drinkers of dry reds.


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Nov 5, 2006
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Pretty easy for me to reply to this one.

First, welcome to this forum and the great hobby of wine making.

Second, where the **blip** do you live? (Complete the Location field in the Control Panel). And what brand of kits do you have access to?

Finally, I strongly recommend the Ken Ridge Classic Merlot. A very good quality 4-week kit. When I had my store, people tasting their friends KRC Merlot brought them into my store.

Too bad you probably live in the USA where it is not readily available. I believe that you can order it from EC Kraus.


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