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Mar 24, 2010
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Greetings all. I am a brand new potential winemaker. I have the opportunity to start growing and producing wines around the Chester Springs, PA area and would really appreciate any input I can get from users in that area. I am hopeful to grow red wine grapes, although I know that that area grows mostly white wine grapes. I'm looking to put in about 20 vines as soon as possible, so time is ticking. Advice?
Sorry I can't be of any help re growing vines, but welcome aboard anyhow from nw pa.
I have never grown a vine, well, maybe ivy. Welcome to the forum. Someone will be on soon to advise you.:h
welcome aboard. first thing you'll want to do is go to the USDA website and find what climate zone you are in. Then find a grape variety that will grow well in your area and that you like. Next is to research research and more research. Visit local wineries and see what they are growing.
Get some books. From Vines to Wines from Jeff Cox is a tremendous resouce for me right now.
Good luck!
adding to what Dan and others have said...from the batch of varieties that you find will grow in your have a bigger YOU like wines made from these varieties?
No help from me either....but I do want to know, what has brought you to this wonderful opportunity?
You are a solid zone 6 where you are, so you can grow quite a few varieties. You can rush into this and plant them right away, but you will have limited choices this late in the year. You will need to live with the choice for many years, several of which with no crop. I would take my time and try the wines from grapes that will grow for you there. Then place your order the fall. Take this year to prepare your planting location and next year you will be putting in grapes that will make a wine you enjoy. Here's to a sucessful venture!
Speaking of local grapes, I'm in Northern Maryland (Port Deposit). Where can you buy wine grapes (in season of course) in this area?
It sounds like you're not going to grow grape for this year or possibly a few years. You are not too far from Hammonton, NJ where you can get juice buckets at Geno's 609-561-8199 or Procacci Brots at 3525 S Lawrence St in S Phila. 800-523-4616.
thanks Richard, I'll give them a call.
...and I don't yet have a vinyard, but I am planning (hoping)to put a few vines in this year.
My wine club meeting is at Gino's Vineyard / Winery 4/18
(not the store)
Check out and click on the link for wineries. most should be willing to sell you grapes.