my first batch of wine bottled

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Dec 20, 2008
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well i bottled my first batch of wine.

just a few questions. i bottled the wine two days early. it was a cabrnet savignon and was made from a grand cru kit. the 28 day kit.

i called the store where i bought it from and they told me that bottling it two days early was not a problem. what do you guys think.................

so bottled it yesterday and there was the last bottle that was only half full... the others we are going to age for a bit...

we took the half bottle to test tonight and see.

i let someone taste it. it was only bottled yesterday.

the person that tasted it replied it is bitter and sweet at the same time. is this normal? or did the wine not fully ferment.

the wine smells of high alcohol when you smell it.

the girl that tasted it stated that the initial sip was alcohol and later the wine taste. meaning taste alcohol first then the wine

is this normal ???
Thats normal at this point. It really needs a few months to even start coming around. I hate the fact that manufacturers state "ready to drink in 4 weeks" as its true but come on! White wines can be decent at this time and the Mist kits are almost as good as they will ever be at this time but I have never tasted a red that was very good at this point.
my firend made island mist kit. they are very cheap and not good.

what do you think
my firend made island mist kit. they are very cheap and not good.

what do you think
cheap: compared to what? Selection kits? They should be about the same price as Vintners Reserve. (to keep it in the Winexpert family.)

not good: they're bloody awful if you were expecting a dry wine. They're bloody marvelous if that's the kind of wine that you like. Also the flavour is important as the fruit flavour predominates. I'll never make one of the Kiwi mist kits. But the Niagara Mist Pink Grapefruit Blush and the Orchard Breezin Blackberry Merlot are GREAT (to OUR taste buds). Want to try the Niagara Mist Sangria White Zin.

chrisber: please update the Control Panel to show your location. I know that arcticsid doesn't experience much summer, but I can't remember if you do. Make an Island Mist kit for summer drinking with your friends and family around the pool or while camping or on the back deck. Betcha, it doesn't last the summer.

my firends made Blackberry Merlot and it was very sweet.

of course we drank it within weeks of bottling it. so it may have needed to sit longer.

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