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Dec 30, 2006
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I'm excited, the muscadines are greening up and have flower buds. Springtime is a wonderful time of year.
My muscadines are just starting to leaf out. I have about 20 vines, about 14 different variaties.
We have had a below normal spring here in N AL with temps. Mine are just now starting to grow some. This is their 3rd year so I'm hoping for a good showing.
I am in Texas and our vines all have small fruit on them, we have had a cooler and longer spring then usual.
This year I think they will be ready late September, If we get rains, and no hurricane.
This looks to be a good year if mother nature or the birds gives me a break.
Lots of baby dines on the vines. I got 3 vines at 20' apart and double wire which gives me a total lenght of 120' of muscadine goodness. I will take a pic or two next weekend and post. I am kicking around the idea of a fence line 4' high with a typical wood boards running with an x for the first 3' of hight and have a 9 ga wire at the 4' mark. This will be out front along the road but I bet I would lose a lot to people picking them.This would be about 200' long. I think it would look good with your fence line also growing muscadines. If I end up doing this next year I will post pics.