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smart @$$
Aug 18, 2009
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Got this kit at the factory store in BC(it was expired and cheap) and made it in December. I don't make kits much and I tasted it today and it has a sweetness to it that is unacceptable to my tastes. Is this the kit taste you all refer to and will it go away with time. If not, can it be fixed or do I just feed it to all the folks around here who Like my free wine. It finished at 0991
I've not made this kit but have a question about what you mean by "a sweetness not up to your taste"?

Is it an off sweetness...too sweet? It seems if it finished up so dry it would have no real sweetness unless there was backsweetening involved?

I'm not sure what people mean by kit taste....I make a lot of them but usually just think of a kit wine as 'young' until it mellows out with time, like any wine.
I dont like any sweet and no I wouldn't backsweetin a big red.The kit was one of their skin kits
It sure sounds like it fermented all the way out for you since it went down to .991. Kits do have some unfermentable sugar in them due to the concentrate process the juice goes thru. That by itself doesn't mean that the wine will stay "sweet" tasting. Try aging it out for a year before you try it again. The bigger kits like the one you have are usually alot better after some long term aging has happened.