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Nov 17, 2014
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My issue is my wine is perfectly topped up in 6 gallon carboys after racking off gross lees. I want to add my culture for MLF. CH16 says I can pour straight in while VP41 says I have to rehydrate w water and add opti malo and acti ml. I don't have room in the carboys to do this. Why the difference? Will one work better than the other? Will one provide better flavor than the other?
I don't have room in the carboys to do this.

More Wine recommends starting all ML cultures in Acti ML, even the liquid ones. (I know, they sell the stuff) but that can't be the only reason.

The obvious solution is to remove some and use it for topping up. Some headspace is necessary for expansion and fermentation action anyway.
I put the CH 16 directly into 6 carboys to start my MLF's. That was 6 days ago, it seems to Be working fine. I stirred after 4 days & it's obviously working. Roy

How did you measure it out? I can only find quantities for 66 gallons--did you measure it precisely into each carboy?
I measured the total amount for 66 gals, on my gram scale. Then divided by 6, for 6 carboys, then put that amount in each carboy. Heard more is better than less!! Seems to be working fine! Roy
Appreciate this thread. I will be doing this process for the first time in the near future - oh my goodness its not an easy thing to just read, understand and go do. The different products alone drove me to drink - I narrowed down to CH16 & VP41 and I'm leaning toward CH16 simply for the ease.
Haven't done it this way yet, but next season I will rack off the gross lees back into Brute fermenter. Add ML stir then use the AIO to transfer into carboys.

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