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Sep 20, 2018
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Making a Chilean Chilean carmenere from frozen juice. Initial numbers were sg 1.084, ph 3.5, ta .42.
Bumped up sg to 1.090 with 1# corn sugar, to get it closer to 12% abv. Fermentation went well, down to 0.998. Free SO2 12ppm. Inoculated with Wyeast 67-4007 on 5/11/22. Activity was very good the first couple months, but has slowed down. I'm checking with chromatography paper every week and still getting small amount of streaming bubbles, but this is going on for 4 months now. I checked free SO2, which is 4ppm ( I don't want to add kmeta yet), but I really like the taste of the wine now! Should I try to restart (boost) the MLF, or can I stop it at this point? Again, I do like the taste. I've attached the latest chromatography test. Thanks for any help on this!


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