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Ian D.

Sep 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,

Been searching for a few minutes and haven't found a suitable answer, if I missed it, I'll delete this thread.


So, I have an 80 gal variable volume tank that I want to brew an experimental volume of wine in, I just need to know what the minimum volume can be without creating odd results.

Some background; My family has been making wine since I was a small child, and they've always used 59gal oak barrels to ferment in. About 5 years ago we purchased an 80gal var. vol. SS tank. Now, we've always done two different grapes in each fermenter, so I have no side-by-side comparison of how our usual juice (montepulciano) would turn out.

The experiment; same juice, same ratios of la cote and yeast. Regular 59gal batch in barrel, and small experimental batch in SS tank. And then compare tasting notes between the two wines to see if fermenting in S.S. is better/worse for the flavor we want/expect.

Question; What is the smallest volume I could reasonably do in our variable volume, without odd effects? We still have several hundred gals of wine from past years and we don't need another 140...

Ian D.

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