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  1. I

    Minimum volume in 80gal variable tank

    Hi everyone, Been searching for a few minutes and haven't found a suitable answer, if I missed it, I'll delete this thread. Anywho! So, I have an 80 gal variable volume tank that I want to brew an experimental volume of wine in, I just need to know what the minimum volume can be without...
  2. Belzicore

    Possible experiment

    Shout out to any engineering or chemistry majors who also brew My question was, what would happen if you would chain the co2 output of one fermentating batch into the fluid of another? Doing this in series so that each new container has more co2 bubbles flowing through it than the last. What...
  3. S

    Red Wine Flavor from Country Fruits

    Hi! I’m new to this forum but have been lurking and learning as much as I can before jumping in to ask. I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone for all the great info! Here is my predicament, I cannot get access to grapes nor grape juice. And I’m looking to make only country wines...
  4. N

    Mindermann's Maple Madness

    I've been experimenting with fruit wines and meads for about half a year now, figuring out what makes what tick. Looking to change it up a bit, I decided to head outside and tap some maple trees to make some type of maple mead (Its prime maple tapping season in Minnesota). I've spent enough...