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Feb 23, 2009
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I order from them quite a bit, and this wednesday they are having a 10% off online order special. Their prices are inexpensive to begin with, and they are very reasonable with shipping costs. I recently ordered an Island Mist kit along with 5 gal glass carboy and other supplies.. Shipping was ony $18.00.. And no tax.. Only wish I had known about the sale earlier!!


Hopefully I posted this in the right area..

Dang, wish I had the extra money this week to get myself the Braley Crusher!:po:m
I may finally pull the trigger on that new primary I've been wanting, plus some stuff to put in it of course.
I am seriously considering a wine press.. Wade, I like the one you made, but don't think I have the ability to do something like that, and if I can get one from them for under 200.00, I might just pull the trigger.. I've been eyeing their frozen grape kits as well.. Luckily, life in the GM (government motors) world has been improving, so may have the extra money in the budget..

As long as I can convince SWMBO..:h

Maybe I should get her drunk! :dg
OOOppsss, that should read Barley Crusher bu my fingers dont always work well with my mind and actually my mind doesnt really work well with anything!
Wade, how do you think the barley crusher compares to a crankandstein 2D? Or any of the 2 roller models for that matter?
OOOppsss, that should read Barley Crusher but my fingers dont always work well with my mind and actually my mind doesnt really work well with anything!

LOL Wade! For a minute I thought I accidently posted a link to Victoria's Secret... Unfortunately our brain-finger connections get worse with age!!
The Monster mill and Crankenstein are very nice but a little pricier then I want to spend, this one is also very nice and for the same money comes with the 7 lb hopper and the crank whee the other 2 models those are add ons so by the time you buy that stuff ou are around $250 unless you make it yourself.
A buddy who likes to share my beverages has offered to buy me a mill. Got me thinking about it. The reason I don't have one already is they're all too expensive for me. :)

Building a hopper and such won't be too tough, but yeah, got to buy a crank or shaft adapter for a drill. It's a value thing, not functionality. Got it. Thanks.
The Barley crusher will fit right on your drill with nothing needed. I too can build the hopper but why make one and have to get wood when this one comes with a 7 lber, tyats usually big eneough for 1 grain bill or close to it wjen making ab beer before you swtch over to another grain with 5 gallon batches.
The Barley Crusher is in the mail. 7# hopper. $124.70 delivered. I'm excited.

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