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May 22, 2009
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Hi everyone
I made a mango wine > 1 yr ago - it had a metallic taste and very high acid (the bottled water I used was high acid and the temperature was >90 at times), so I tossed most of it out. I kept 1 gallon for cooking, which now has a black sediment on the bottom, but the taste is much better (which leads me to question "why did I throw 4 gallons out"?).

Any idea what this would be? I did treat the acid at the time and used bentonite for clearing, but still couldn't resolve it, if that would be the reason for the dark sediment. ? any ideas
Well this is a typical example of what aging can do for you.

A wine fresh made tastes often awfull but will settle out given it due time. At first when there is little flavor the combination of alcohol and acid will make you think it is too acidic.
In time some acid will form esters with the alcohol and improve flavor. This is a bit of a shortcut, a simplified explanation about the complex chemical processes that happen when aging a wine. Just what happened here.

The sediment indicates that you just bottled the wine too early. There were still some solids that needed to settle.


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