Memorial Day on this side of the fence

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Oct 26, 2008
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I want to post this today because I may not be back by Monday. I am gathering up my lil sluice box and heading for the wilderness, I hope for glitters, but if I don't get back in a couple days, it means I didn't give up. I'll be back in a day or so.

With all due respect for those of you aren't in the U.S. On Monday, we celebrate those who gave their lives in defence of this country, for those of you who aren't Americans, take a minute to think of those who also gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country you call home.

Freedom isn't free. And for those who gave their lives to prove it, I say THANK YOU!:b For those who fought beside our brave soldiers, I say THANK YOU.:b For those missing, you will never be forgotten, It isn't over until you rest here at home, and the search will never end.... "So help me God"!!

May you rest in Peace, knowing we recognize your service.

Troy M. Sauve
Thank you Troy

For tha last 10+ years I start our local Memorial Day Parade. I am off in an hour to start setting it up. I got one of my neighbors to be Grand Marshall and speaker. He said he is honored. Here is a young man (26) who has seen more than most of us can imagine. At 26 he has seen friends fight and die for us.
Let us take a moment this weekend to have a moment of silence and thank all these young men.

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