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Aug 26, 2015
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It's my first time using real grapes. Just crush them and tested the acid it was five. My SG is at 1.12 at My question is given that they were just crushed a couple hours ago could that be affecting the measurement ? There is a lot of pulp in the sample still

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You can also put your cylinder in the fridge for a while and the heavier stuff will settle to the bottom, then I put what remained through a coffee filter. Just make sure you take it's temperature and adjust your readings accordingly. My went from about what you are showing to 1.114 for my Lanza Zin grapes.
Yes these are Lanza Cab. The lanza Zincame in at 1.12

That's nice to hear. I thought I was a little nutty or my hydrometer was off. Mine did get crushed on Friday and cold soaked until I picked them up on Sunday. Didn't test the SG until Sunday afternoon, since I had to meet up with my brother and give him the two juice buckets he had ordered.

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