Maple Wine stalled/neglected. Help resurrecting?

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Oct 16, 2017
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1 year ago I started a Maple Wine. About 2 gallons of Maple Syrup and 3 gallons of maple sap to get to 1.13 OG or pretty darn close to 1.13. I boiled it for a few minutes and once it got under 70 degrees I transferred it to a glass carbouy and pitched a packet of Montrachet. A couple days later there was visible fermentation. A few weeks later there seemed to be no more activity and there was a layer of crud on the bottom so I racked it to a new carbouy. Tasted it and it was really sweet still. Did not take gravity reading. Then I neglected it for 11 months. Finally stopped being lazy and took a sample. Still tastes good. No bad flavors. Still very dark though, has not cleared up at all. A hint of alcohol and still really sweet. Gravity is 1.10 or so. I did a starter with some yeast nutrient, maple syrup and Montrachet. Yeast starter was visibly active and I dumped it into the carbouy and shook it up a bit. 2 days have gone by and no activity. This is my first issue like this and I have no idea what to do. I am probably the worlds luckiest wine maker. Everything has come out great and I really know nothing, haha. Any advice appreciated on this!!!! How can I kick this in the *** so it will finish up.
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Jan 1, 2007
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I would suggest that the sg 1010 and you are almost fished. In that case would be very difficult to start.
If different I would use EC1118 for a restart. hydrate normally using 109 degree water. add one cup of maple must once going good add two cups , keeping doubling the amount of must after successful restart of fermentation until all is consumed . some yeast nutrient might help also.

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