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Nov 13, 2008
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I have been experimenting with making wine here in Cape Coral where high temperatures prevail. I was skeptical as to whether I could make wine here but was surprised that I was able to make several with sucess. I made 5 gallons of Cabernet (twice,) Orange wine, Carambola (star fruit) wine, Red Zinfadel, and will be making Apple wine from frozen concentrate this week.

I have had great success and some very good results making wine in such warm weather. I kept the fermentation at 70 –75 degrees and then when fermentation is complete it is stored at ambient room temperature of about 78 degrees to age. I let the Cabernet age about 9 months, and the Carambola & Orange wine, aged for one year. I know that this is contrary to the accepted temperature norm but are happy with the results

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