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Jun 20, 2010
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Picked 180 lbs of Chambourcin yesterday, I'm figuring I need 3 packets of Pasteur Red and only have 2, I could throw in a package of Lalvin BM $4X4 or EC1118 or go with the 2 Pasture Red and get more tomorrow, what does the forum think? bk
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Go with your 2 packs. It may just take a little longer to really get rolling.
I would pitch the 2 packs of pasture red now and pick some more up and use them if fermentation stalls but with the warm temps around you should be ok.

If you have not yet crushed the grapes, then you can make a yeast starter to boost the yeast population prior to pitching. However, you need a day or two to do it. So, if the grapes are still intact, they can sit around another day or two before crushing.
Destemmed and crushed, I like the 2 packet idea. bk

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