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Oct 28, 2006
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So I am finally ready to bottle my first batch of mead ever!!

So I went to my LHBS and bought a corker and some corks... I decided to go with artificial corks because they were less than $0.05 more than the natural ones..
My roommate has a simple Double Lever Corker. I tried to cork one bottle last night and it did cork it but it ripped a ring off the top of the cork. I think this is because the rubbery cork squished outwards and when the hammer part hit the top of the bottle it simple sheered it off... So I think I need to get a new corker..
I saw a Colonna Corker http://www.homebrewery.com/wine/wine-bottle-corkers.shtml (last one on the page) that looks like it might work well. It's also in my price range ;)

Anyone know if this will work on these fake corks? Is there a way to use my roommates that will work??

Normally a floor corker is recommended for synthetic corks due to the amount of pressure needed to compress and push the cork in.

I am not familiar with the Colonna corker (except to see pictures on the 'net). For the $4 more I would buy the floor corker.

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I have not used the Colonna, but I know the Portuguese or Italian will do the job with those corks. You could also buy some natural corks and use your hand corker. I bought the Italian, and never regretted it. I was using a Gilda hand corker before getting the Italian.