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Sep 23, 2009
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I wanted a better more comprehensive way of keeping track of everything I'm doing with the wine and it's progress. Is there a recommendation for software? I did download a free trial of Amphora but didn't know if there was a better one out there for my needs. Any suggestions would be helpful.
I find that a note pad works for me to track everything I'm doing. I have it right down in my wine making area. There are times where you need to get your thoughts on paper as you are making the wine and pen and paper work for me.
Good luck!!
I use a combination of two items.

1) a carboy tag. this shows the souirce (kit or recipe) and the various measurements and activities. if I have a comment to myself (EG 'bottle after Sept 28th'), a sticky note in a contrasting colour is used.

2) a WORD file on the computer (one per calendar year). I don't track a lot of details here, just the basics. It has various sections, ie In Progress, Completed, On the Shelf, Future Considerations, Limited Release Announcements.

In the past I also used a spreadsheet. Each column represented a carboy or primary, and each row a weekend. It was used to plan activities. I don't use it anymore because I have a couple of extra carboys, and I'm better at planning the activities these days.


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