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Dec 28, 2009
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We recently finished the Black Berry Cabernet and I started this kit yesterday afternoon. We needed something else in addition to the BB Cab for immediate drinkability so this was the choice. I added a simple sugar mix to get the starting sg to 1.084. I added about 1/4 the fpac also and will add remainder when complete. I pitched the yeast yesterday before our council meeting and it is happily fermenting now.

Looking forward to trying this one also.
Sounds good. I'm going to try one of these this year for those lazy days at the cabin in northern minnesota when the lake is calm and the sun is shining! I've chosen the Exotic fruit White Zin. I'll do the same as you on the SG numbers but keep the entire Fpac for later.

Good luck!!
This one is the one my friend is making and I made OB Raspberry Zinfandel we are splitting them so we each have half of each batch . That way we have some of both to try .
I checked the SG on this one this afternoon. It was .986. I double and tripple checked it. I degassed, stabilized and added the clarifier today. Looks like the weekend of the 10th I'll be bottleing this one or at least transferring to anther carboy prior to bottleing. Needed something else for a quick drinker, this was it.