Isinglass made the red wine cloudier.

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Nov 27, 2016
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First time I have tried to make red wine. After all processes (2 months) I got a half glass of sample, it was cloudy and put it in fridge. 1 week later it was clear. I could not put the carboy into the fridge so I decided to use some isinglass and left the carboy in balcony. And also I got a half glass of sample, put in the fridge again. 1 week later, neither the sample nor the carboy is clear and also became cloudier. I had used 5 ml of isinglass per 10 lt. Any suggestions?
Did you follow all the instructions exactly for isinglass? I never use clearing agents, but I know that different kinds are scientifically different and therefore are to be added differently.
Also, depending on where you live, you can put your carboy outside for a while for it to cold crash. I once ran an AC on full blast for 2 days and it worked. That was with a brand new very energy efficient AC tho.