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May 8, 2017
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Can someone help me identify what protien looks like. I made a LE16 Grenache Cabernet, i racked after secondary fermentation to a clean carboy, (sg.992) thouroughly vacum degassed and used the drill wand, and added the oak cubes as specified in the instructions, topped off with a bit of merlot, attached airlock. Instructions say cubes were suppose to sink after a few days, after 8 days they have not dropped and there appears to be a couple chunckies of the lees that floated to the top of my carboy as well. I sanitized a spoon and gave it a little stir thinking the lees had attacked itself to an oak cube but looks like it just wants to float there with the unsinkable cubes, is this protien? Should i add some more pectic enzyme or benonite? Leave it alone and rack it in a few days?


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Feb 23, 2015
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You're fine. Oak cubes rarely sink for me. The protein rings I've seen show up as a white line around the carboy at the wine level. If you tilt the carboy you might see it run down the inside as with milky look. The floatie you see is fine. Could be yeast, or effects from the clarifiers. You can stir them back in or they will leave with the next rack.


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Oct 25, 2016
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S. Jersey/Philadelphia area
It always feels like The cubes take forever to drop. Any time I get any floaters (not growth) in an otherwise clear wine I'll just scoop it out and hope for the best.
With maybe the end of a racking cane or wand or something and try and get the floater to just transfer to the cane to remove. Should be fun to do while navigating through the gauntlet of oak cubes chilling out up there. Lol.