I never racked my welches wine.. now what??

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May 24, 2010
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I am making some wine from welche's concentrate and never racked it from the primary fermentation. It has been several months and it has cleared out nicely. What do I have now or what should I do now?
Rack it and TASTE it. Has there been water in the airlock all this time? How big a batch?
Rack it off the lees, wait a week or two, bottle it, wait as long as you can at least 3 weeks to get over bottle shock. Then drink it and enjoy. :try
Would he need to add the sulphite & sorbate then let it sit awhile before it was bottled ?
I'm sorry but it has been so long that I forgot that I did rack it after the first week and then it has been in the secondary since mid march. It has cleared and has sediment on the bottom of the carboy. It smells really good by the way.