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Sep 8, 2009
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:? i normally can drink 15 to 24 beers with no problem the next day, or a couple of bottels of commercial wine and still no problem, but last night i had one of my bottles of blackberry at 12.5% and it really was good while i was bottleing my muscadine wine which is 13.3% i had about a half of bottle that wouldnt fit in my bottles so i consumed it as well it was also very good, but this morning i felt like crap and couldnt get motivated and now its about miday and i still feel like crap. is there something about homade wine that i dont know about that cause severe hangovers or could i of mis calculated my abv?
does anyone else expeirence hang overs from there wines.
If anything our wines dont give hangovers as much as commercial win es do due to less sulfites or additives. Maybe you miscalculated like you said or just did this on an empty stomach?
If like WAde said being tired will enhance the % :ib :dg
Maybe the blackberry and the muscadine are fighting it out? Besides, commercial wine is only about 6%, isn't it?
the theory about a connection between sulfites and red wine headache has not withstood scientific scrutiny. about 1% of the population does have an allergy to sulfites (which is why products containing sulfites are so noted) but the reaction the 1% have is not presented as headaches but symptoms more typical of allergic reactions in general.

RWH or red wine headache is a real phenomena however. many obtain comfort from antihistamines like claritin or alavert. although that is not necessarily a cure as much as a treatment for those who are histamine sensitive.

as to the morning after hangover, my belief is that it is almost always to do with dehydration and/or electrolyte imbalances. adequate hydration during the consumption of alcohol can minimize or eliminate most of these after-effects i have found. problem is, when people go on a binge to drink a case of beer or a couple bottles of wine on their own, staying hydrated is rarely on the agenda.
I have noticed a similar thing with my homemade wines - they don't taste strong (most are ending up around 12%), but my family / friends and myself get toasted much faster on them as compared to commercial wines (and trust me, I have had a LOT of experience with this!).
I dont understand, when I drank regular, I never even thought about counting. Do you really count?
Rawlus is right about what he wrote and basically its all the tannins that mightn give you a headache, i didnt mean my post to mean sound like what it did, I know that sulfite allergies are much more rare and that most people blame red wines for headaches due to sulfites when actually white wines usually contain more sulfites to be more stable because of less tannins and ususally higher sugar levels.