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Sep 1, 2011
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Northern wisconsin
I’ve bought two barrels thru mainshipFred so far. Barrel #1 is pretty neutral now because I stored it improperly. Barrel #2 was used for the first time for my 2022 Marquette grapes. #2 has imparted just enough oak and spice after 10 months as well as increasing the viscosity of the wine. #1 imparts a hint of flavor but mostly improved the mouthfeel of the wine. Both barrels seemed to be the same as far as tannin levels, which are nice and soft, no bitterness. When I bottle in October im going to blend the two 50/50. Overall I’m pretty impressed with results of barrel aging. Even a neutral barrel improves a wine quite a bit. I added about a half liter of wine every month to each barrel due to evaporation. When I started making Marquette wine I was under the impression that I couldn’t make a full bodied red wine, but using barrels I have. I highly recommend barrel aging it improves the wine so much for a small upfront cost.
@wood1954 what size barrels did you purchase? And what percent of your harvest can they hold?
10 gallon barrels. it's about half i think. I'll probably stick to the two barrels and put the rest of this years harvest in carboys . if my harvests stay big enough i may need another barrel.

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