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Nov 18, 2009
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i just tested my fermenting cabernet to these results:
Brix 0
PH 3.46
TA somewhere between .75 and 1 (i will get a more accurate test in the morning with better light)

i knew the TA was high after tasting last night but i didnt think it was that high. i plan on doing MLF so i know that will lower it a bit but should i do something about it now, before i press?

Since the wine is still fermenting pretty darn strong, i airlocked the fermentator and figure it will probably be a couple days before it is ready to press so hopefully if i have to do something, i still have time

that acid is high. watch for melting walls. :)
water can ease it up a bit.
o, let MLF do what it can and then if need be you could cold stabilize it or add Calcium Carbonate. I would definitely get MLF going though so that you can sulfite it as soon as possible. Those #'s arent all that bad so relax.
ok, so my acidity is definitely over .75. i am at 0 brix since last night so its still not quite ready to press. so here is my plan...please tell me if its ok:

dont mess with the acidity now
plan on pressing tomorrow night no matter what the brix say
start MLF after racking off gross lees (monday or tuesday)
make any acid corrections after MLF is complete (i have potassium carbonate but can use something else if recommended)

what do you think?

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